Skills assessment

Who can benefit from a Skills Assessment?
You, who are an employer, employee, or entrepreneur etc. You have decided to define your strengths to better understand yourself and progress in life.

What will the Skills Assessment do for me?
Above all, P C & T will help you highlight your strengths as well as your key competencies and what you really enjoy doing. All your potential will be highlighted.

What results will the Skills Assessment bring me?
It can change your life! In realizing what your true value is, you will gain confidence and motivation on both a professional and personal level. You will be able to reach goals that never seemed possible before.

How does it work?
P C & T approaches this task through a questioning method derived from maieutics. After the first 2 hour session, positive, durable results will already be noticeable. The whole program is five sessions of 2 hours to change your life!

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