US Tax advice

I am an American person or worked and lived in the USA (citizen, green card holder, binational or other). Now I am residing in Switzerland. What are my options ?
If this is the case, you have probably heard from your bank(s), tax administration and are or have been confronted with extra paperwork. You may be wondering what forms you should fill in and how to declare back taxes when you never thought it was necessary. At P C & T we have experience, and can support you with these steps.

What if I am only an American person on paper and I have never lived or worked in the USA or I never plan to live or work in the USA. Does all of this still concern me?
Yes, it does. The United States is practically the only country in the world to tax non-resident citizens on their global income and assets.

If you choose the to stay in Switzerland or a European country for the rest of your life, you should possibly ask yourself if you want to renounce your US nationality.

Are there any simplified options for me if I have never declared taxes to the US before ?
Yes, every case is different but there are several quite good options. P C & T can advise and support you on these matters at an honest rate. Contact us now.