Tax admin support, accounting & payroll

Tax admin support

How much do I need to know about taxes to manage a business?
Managing a business requires basic knowledge of the different tax laws or having a good tax advisor.
P C & T proposes an « à la carte » service for tax advice. This could be a simple tax declaration for moral or physical persons or more complex tax optimisation in relation to heritage values.


Is it obligatory to have an accounting system in a business?
Yes, managing a business requires an efficient accounting system if only for tax declarations.

Is a company accounting system complicated? How does it work?
A company accounting system can be very simple with P C & T and offers two major advantages:
1) Monthly accounts, P & L « Profit & Loss, which offer you a tool in the form of graphs directly in your computer;
2) Structured accounting according to your objectives and in relation to your taxation.


Do salary matters require specific knowledge?
Yes, salary matters can bring up many questions from employees and can also involve dealing with various requests from the relevant authorities.

How can I manage salaries in a simple and efficient way?
P C & T will provide you with an integrated salary management concept, tailored to the needs of your company. On demand, this can also involve the full management of your payroll, including all the related social insurance, tax and paper work.

Can the paperwork be simplified?
With P C & T you will have access to all salary-related documents through a secure server. You will benefit from an efficient, safe and intuitive service. The integrated system saves you from dealing with administrative communication with different social insurances (AVS, AI, AC, etc) as well as with tax authorities.

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