Work contracts and permits / Company Terms and Conditions / Social insurances and pension fund

Work contracts

How can I avoid work conflicts?
You can minimize conflicts by beginning collaboration with a good work contract. It is a legal basis where employee and employer rights and obligations are clearly defined.

Yes, but that might not prevent an employee from having a conflict with us?
An adequate work contract saves time and money thanks its total transparency and avoids risky situations (court cases).

How can I be sure to have the right work contracts?
P C & T will prepare work contracts, which are recognized by the authorities, and in compliance with your social insurance and pension plan scheme, your company terms and conditions, and your expense regulations.
P C & T will also support you during the signing of the contract(s) for any legal-based questions or other queries the employee might have.

Work permits

Is it difficult to obtain a work permit?
The probability of a work permit being issued very much depends on the employee’s nationality. For an EU citizen, the procedure is relatively simple, but it can take several months for someone applying from outside the EU.

How can the process be simplified?
P C & T will put together a file containing all the relevant documents for your application, regardless of its complexity. As a privileged interlocutor with the work office authorities, P C & T will take on the full ownership of this complex administrative procedure.

Company Terms and Conditions

How can I establish an effective framework with my employees?
Ask P C & T to create effective terms and conditions for your company in order to establish general rights and obligations for all employees.

Will this guarantee a peaceful work atmosphere in my company?
This code of conduct guarantees the smooth running of activities and helps avoid work-related conflicts. If, however, this should be the case, the company Terms and Conditions become the reference in making the best decision.

How can I create the right set of rules?
P C & T will support you in creating and implementing the Terms and Conditions according to your specific company requirements.
Company Terms and Conditions establish an official framework while complying with labour laws, resulting in a feeling of security for both you and your employees.

Social insurances and pension fund

Which Social insurances and pension funds should I create for my employees?
P C & T is neutral,  and will support you in choosing the best plan including the following insurances : retirement (AVS), invalidity (AI), unemployment (AC), accident (LAA), etc. can be complex.
With P C & T  you will avoid confusion and the risk of over-insuring your employees. Over several years, this could save a considerable amount of money.