Company set-up & Business Plan

Company set-up

I want to create a business. What do I need to do?
Setting up a company is a fascinating challenge. First, you need to design the concept, and identify your goals. P C & T will support you from designing the concept to creating the actual company.

Ok, but how can I be sure that the creation will be successful?
P C & T has effective tools to challenge your project and make it feasible.

Business Plan

Why do I need a Business Plan?
With P C & T, creating a Business Plan allows you to visualise the steps needed to develop your business to be able to earn money.

But isn’t a Business Plan complicated?
Thanks to P C & T, creating your Business Plan becomes a simple and accessible exercise. You quickly obtain a clear vision of what you need to do and how much is is going to cost.

Don’t hesitate any longer: with P C & T, set up your company and own business now!